Work Better - Live Better

Helping build productivity through a healthy lifestyle.

A motivated healthy workforce works well and enjoys doings so.

Imagine a workforce that functions as cohesively as a Stanley Cup winning hockey team, shares team goals and lives in a way that keeps them motivated, anxiety free and healthy. In this workshop I present time tested methods to achieve precisely that.

Drawing on years of working with clients to improve their working lives, manage stress and abandon unhealthy behavior, I've assembled the tools to bring great practices to the workplace. This presentation looks at healthy ways to motivate staff, build team cohesion and encourage great lifestyle choices. The goal is simple: To increase productivity and staff retention by providing tools for improved management of the demands of life and work.

Whether you are balancing budgets, work-life demands or simply managing time constraints -  you are going to learn these lessons, either the easy way or the hard way! It's a lot cheaper doing it the easy way, and a lot more fun.

Stated plainly: A motivated healthy workforce works well and enjoys doings so. This workshop is a giant leap toward that goal.

The material presented here is heavily influenced by the work of Dale Carnegie, as well as techniques taught to countless clients who I've worked with to help become more effective in the workplace. Whether it's public speaking, balancing deadlines or managing difficult staff situations, the workplace can be a dynamic and challenging environment. It can also be an inspiring hotbed of creativity and production, when managed well. The result is a powerful presentation that brings your team together, making them an energetic and driven unit.

Length: Either 1 hour or 2 hours

Fee: $1495 (1 hour) or $1649 (2 hours)

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