Many people train in the practice they love, only to find that when they go out and look for clients they struggle to keep their head above water. The costs pile up, the clients seem absent, and they see their dream drift gracefully out of sight. Many wonderfully talented practitioners simply fail in their practice because they've had no training in the fundamental skills of establishing, and building a viable business.

Now, just for a moment remind yourself why you really got into this business. It was to help others. It was also so you could have a lifestyle that worked for you and that allowed you to follow the passions of your life. These are not difficult goals to achieve with planning and forethought. 

I am happy to say I can help. Not only can I say it, I can point to what is doubtless Canada's leading hypnosis clinic - Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. - and steer you towards a template to build a practice that will grow and thrive. With over 6000 clients, and a growing presence in treatment, specialist product sales, data systems development and sales and an entertainment department, VH Inc, can be the template which your practice follows and thrives with.

In my seminar you will learn how to develop your market, how to position yourself away from time wasting competition, how to dominate your chosen target market and how to thrive in a client rich environment. You got in this business so you can help people, and so you can have a lifestyle that works for you. Join me in a seminar that will bring these goals within your grasp.

I like to offer seminars in interesting and accessible locations, Vancouver is a good example, however I also do seminars periodically in Toronto and other locations. Pricing varies according to location.

Drop me an email and let me know if I can do anything for your team.