Marketing Strategies To Make Your Practice Soar With The Eagles.

What's in your plan to soar?

If you honesty believe in the service you offer, and that it transforms peoples lives for the better, you have an obligation to get it into the hands of as many clients as you possibly can. I can help you do that.

Just for a moment, though, stop and think why you got into this business. If it was to make an enormous pile of money, I am sorry to disappoint you. Maybe it's time to think about a different career. More likely it was because you are passionate about helping people. That's why most of us get into this line of work. However, to be any good at helping people you first have to stay in business long enough to do so.

In a series of well defined steps I will massively increase your chances of doing so. I'll introduce you to some basic marketing ideas, and show how they can easily be applied to your practice. I will also introduce you to some of the characters and situations we face everyday in Canada's leading hypnotherapy practice. You will learn how to become a leading light in your own community and how to contribute to the health of the many people now seeking alternatives to redundant and unhealthy ideas about physical and mental health.

Drawing on the proven success of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. I will show you  strategies for building awareness, developing pricing, getting a full understanding of the client relationship, and delivering meaningful services to grow a client base. Helping you reach these goals is what I am here for. You can sign up for my free introductory course below.

Some therapists develop great therapy skills while overlooking the fundamental business skills to build and grow a strong practice. For most therapists, if you ask about their training it includes nothing about business development, or strategy.

Additionally I support therapists and alternative health practitioners with a set of business tools. The business tools package  includes:

A data system for managing client enquiries, clients and session notes. 

Templates for responding to enquiries.

Telephone scripts for successful call handling and client conversion.

Monthly newsletter content you can provide directly to your clients.

Proven advertising content for therapists.

If you are interested in access to The Business Tools Package please email me and I will provide details.

No matter how good a therapist you are, without a plan to grow your business you are unlikely to do much in the way of helping people. This talk is for people that have the skills to help people, but wish to develop their business in a way that will allow those skills to reach the maximum number of clients.

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