Rob Hadley

I am a hypnotist and incurable performer. My work spans working with hypnotherapy clients, to producing amazing stage shows - including The Harlequin Hypnosis Show , and doing stand-up comedy. I enjoy presenting workshops and seminars, and my company, Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. has a great team of therapists working with issues such as addiction, anxiety disorders and eating disorders. Additionally I take on one man shows through

After 9 years my company has worked with more than 5000 clients, providing a wide range of solutions for clients needing assistance with issues as diverse as a little help learning a new language, to help remembering where they've hidden a valuable collection of gold coins. More often than not my particular skills are brought to bear on issues such as severe addiction.

While this work is both challenging and rewarding, there is nothing more personally satisfying than seeing an auditorium full people laughing and enjoying a hypnosis show. Some people have said they find this a little hard to reconcile with the idea of therapy. I'm ok with that. In the meantime I am happy to continue doing what I do, and loving it.

I get asked from time to time to work on retreats, and to present workshops.  I am delighted to do this. Any excuse to introduce a few more people to the wonderful world of hypnosis. Because this is such a diverse and all encompassing subject, you'll find information here about a very broad swathe of workshops, seminars and retreats.


As with every show I work on, and every client I work with, my workshops are delivered to th highest standards.  You'll love what we have for you and before long you are likely to share my enthusiasm and fascination of all things to do with the human mind, trance, and hypnosis.

Below is the first of three sections of a Soundcloud collections in which I am talking about hypnotherapy. It gives you a pretty good idea about where I stand on the entire idea of hypnosis and how it can be used.  If you'd like to listen to the entire interview you can do so here:

I write often and you'll find I also make Youtube videos frequently. After working as a press photographer in Africa for many years I find the journalism habit hard to break, though these days my writing and photography is more likely to be found in a blog than anywhere else. I hope you find at least some of what I have to say to be of interest and hopefully entertaining.


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